Andrii Kyrychenko

16.06.1982 was born in Kiev city, Ukraine.
1991-1996 years – graduated children art school of decorative and applied arts.
2014 year – participated in the charity exhibition-auction at Madrid Spain.
2015 year – participated in the «7 great sculpture salon» Kiev.

2015 year – accession to the Union of Artists of Ukraine
2015 year – participated in Artist Residence Program of International Macsabal Museum in Wanju City, Korea
2015 year – participated in a symposium on landscape design of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine “Dialogue with Nature”. Kiev/Ukraine
2015 year – participated in Х ART-KYIV Contemporary 2015 (Kiev/ Ukraine)
2015year – participated in the “Beijing International Festival macsabal Woodfire 2015 “and exhibition in Forbidden City, China, Beijing.
2016 year – participation in art-camp в Fuping /China in Fuping Pottery Art Village for creating «Museum of Ukrainian Modern Ceramics» in Fuping.