“Blanc de Chine” International Artist Residency

2018 International Artist Residency

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It is an annual residency program that unearths, selects, develops, and exhibits world- class ceramic artists in an open, fair and impartial manner, and establish for both Western and Chinese artists (not limited to ceramic artists) a platform based on the reality of their respective cultures. Through the medium of ceramics the program seeks to build upon participants’ strengths, creating works of both creativity and innovation.

It seeks also to raise the international profile of Dehua White Porcelain, an art form with a long and distinguished history, while also leading innovation in the field of ceramics and realize the transition of Dehua White Porcelain from traditional ceramic form to modern one. The outstanding artworks created by the artists in residence will have the opportunity to be exhibited in international museums abroad, and seminars with related theme of each year’s program will be held after the residency.   Special thanks to:

Selection Process

  • Fill out the “Blanc de Chine” International Artists Residency Application Form and send it to: contact@blancdechineicaa.com.
  • The expert committee and art director shall work together to determine the finalist.
  • Results and invitation letters will be sent to selected applicants via email.

The Art Director

  • Bai Ming
  • Contemporary ceramic artist
  • Dean of the Department of Ceramic Design, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

The Expert Committee

(in alphabetical order)