HUANG Yongxing

Personal resume
Name: Huang Yongxing
Gender: male
Born in Yichun, Jiangxi Province, 1988
In 2009, graduated from China Academy of Art
From 2010 to now, teaching at Quanzhou Arts and Crafts Vocational College
The Main Exhibition Experience
The 12th Zhejiang Province Art Works Exhibition, at Zhejiang Art Museum, in 2009
The 11th National Fine Arts Exhibition, at Xiamen Art Museum, in 2009
The 8th China Contemporary Youth Potters Biennale Exhibition, at Zhejiang Art museum, in 2012
The Sino-South Korea Ceramics-Communicating Exhibition, at South Korea, in 2012
The Modern Ceramic Art Exchange Exhibition of New Generation in Asia, at Taiwan Yingge Museum, in 2012
The 2th China Kaolin International Ceramic Art Competition Exhibition, at Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, in 2013
The 12th National Fine Arts Exhibition, at Datang West City Museum, in 2014
Sampling -Dehua Contemporary Ecological Ceramic Art Exhibition, at Dehua County Ceramics Museum, in 2015
The New State -Taiyuan International Sculpture Exhibition, at Taiyuan Art Gallery, in 2015
Formosa Art Show, at Taipe, in 2016
China and French culture forum,Art8,in 2016
Explore first Dehua Ceramics Biennale,Dehua ceramics Museum,in2016
Tenth works of China young ceramic artists Biennale, China Academy of art,in 2016